The Black Window – Written By Loyd Elmore Jr

Copy of the black window


Monica Hisakawa closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Her head had started to swim again, and she needed to get control. But it was getting harder and harder. Inside her head was the only place where she didn’t have the double visions (hell, multiple visions) and she could center herself. After a minute, she felt calm. Even though her head still throbbed.
She slowly opened her eyes again. Her vision started to double but it wasn’t as bad and if she concentrated with minimal effort, she could focus. But she knew her time was short.
Monica took in the typewriter that sat before her. She had carried it from her room as well as she could, picking it up from the floor where it had landed after the explosion. She had given it a careful inspection or as well as she could. The power was gone and only a few emergency lights were working. One happened to be in her room but it was buzzing and diming. She figured it would go out. She was happy that the typewriter was still in a reasonable typing condition. Well, except for the broken plastic logo on the front (now it said Oly instead of Olympia) and the cream-colored surface was scratched on one side. And when she picked it, a broken slug had fallen out and dropped to the floor next to the remaining piece of the logo. There they would stay until who knew when.
“The world can do without the Q,” she mumbled when she sat it down on the table in the lab. Her room was still intact but she carried the typewriter into the lab onehanded. Here the emergency lights were strong and she wanted to be where this had all started so she could visualize it. But time was short.
That thought made her giggle. She couldn’t help it. Nobody was going to give her a dirty look for it. There was nobody else here. Maybe not within miles. She didn’t know. And the area was expanding, like an explosion, which it was. Well, sort of.
Monica had found some lab notes (hardcopy as they called it in the lab) and put one in the typewriter, the blank side facing away so that when she turned the knob, it would be facing her so she could type on the blank side. As she got it set, her head started to swim again, her vision doubling, then tripling, until she closed her eyes and forced it away.
From somewhere in the lab, she heard a deep groaning. She figured it was some of the steelworks that held up the floors above her was feeling the extra weight. It didn’t sound good. Not at all. She was going to have to hurry.
Monica opened her eyes, focused on the typewriter and the paper rolling inside and started to type as well as she could. Typing would be a lot easier than writing now since she had been right-handed. The sound of the slow clack-clack could be heard between the groaning walls and the sound of a deep bass sound that fluxed in and out. Plaster fell from the walls and cracks in the concrete floor opened thinly and spread further and further with each flux of sound.
Monica continued to type slowly, only looking at the task in front of her.



if you’re reading this odds are im dead. ill do my best to explain what happened with th e time I have left. maybe none of us have anytime left. I hope to escape the lab after writing this. time will tell. First of aall, I have to say im sorry. Though I didnt cause the accident I was involved and the only one left to take the blame. I have paid a price during the incident and ill probably finish paying with my li fe. i fear my world is over. it started years ago before i was even born. it was a dream that my mentor had and he turned it into reality. after many years of study and billions and billions of dollars from many countries, he turned a switch and it happened as i watched. it took rooms nd rooms of equipment with many levels ab ove us, a small foot s uare space where all of these computers and machines narrowed down to. he flipped the switch and a black field came into life in the s uare of space. it was going to be time travel. but not like  how the movies would lead you to believe. no car, no chair, no phone booth. you can’t travel through time to any point or any place you choose. we found it was all fixed. one spot. one moment in time. and when that black s uare opened for the first time, we had no idea where it lead to. for all we knew, it lead to the vacuume of space. luckily it didn’t. sory for all the mistypings. it’s hard to do this one handed and i have to be quick. my mentor jim reynolds flipped the switch after years of running the numbers and trial and error and failures, the little black window opened. the black s uare seemed to vibrate and hum. i walked around it and where we should have seen the back side of that black window, i saw nothing. i could see jim and the other assistenst as if it didn’t exist. coming back around to them I could see the black window again. it only existed on one side of that s uare frame. i wanted to see stars inside since it looked like the blackness of space. after hours of taking radiation tests and running more numbers in the computers it came the time to test our theories and send in a probe. For all of the money spent the first probe into the black window was a camera on an eight foot exention pole. basically a selfie stick with a gopro. jim took the lead and


Monica stopped typing when a large bang came from somewhere at a level above her. She could mentally feel the enormous weight that hovered above her. She looked up toward the ceiling trying to will it to stay where it was for the time being. She thought maybe if she was lucky, she might be able to finish and get out of the building.
But to where? What was going on outside? She wondered as more plaster fell from the walls and some of the equipment continued to pop and burn.
She continued typing…


held the pole himself. he inched closer and the camera disappeared into the black window. i watched the screen of the video and was astonished. jim looked at my reaction. i could tell he wanted to see what i was seeing. i saw he had at least six feet into the s uare. he said he felt no resistance. i told him not to go any further. he backed the pole and camera out of the window, and everything was intact. it came out clean. jim came around and i replayed the video. the video started with us looking into the lens. i nodded slightly to let them know the camera was working and filming. then we disappeared and the camera was aimed toward the black window and adjusted to the left and right to get a more level picture. it started forward, the black window appearing closer and larger until the screen showed nothing but black. the video rolled a bit. we figured it was because of some sort of electrical charge, maybe static. the video showed blackness for three seconds. what happened next was nothing short of amazing. the camera acted if it was suddenly enveloped in grey fog. then


Another shock shook the building and Monica stopped typing. She braced for structural disintegration, for the walls to let go and bring the roof and the many levels above her down on her head. She knew if that happened, nobody would ever find her if there were anybody left to look for her body.
She waited. Other than rumblings from deeper parts of the building that seemed levels away, it had stopped. At least, for the time being. But she suddenly had a sense of hope that she might get out of here alive. She tried to keep that in her head but the idea that even if she was able to crawl out of this collapsing building, she might not like what she would find on the surface. Her mind quickly went to the episode of the Twilight Zone was Burgess Meredith came out of the bank vault into the ruins of his city from a nuclear attack. She wouldn’t be happy like he had been.
Monica pushed it away and looked back at the typewriter. She had to finish as quickly as she could. Hope that wasn’t there before was starting to push her along.


        it got lighter. it looked like the camera was inside a cloud. suddenly, a black shape moved somewhere in the distance. it moved quickly from the right to the left and disappeared. the camera was pulled out than before we could get another look. we watched the fotage over and over and it was unmistakable. somthing alive was there. ee got excited and too happy for out own good. we decided to send the camera in for a longer period of time and on a longer extension pole, about 40 feet. after we set that up, jim decided he would push the pole in using two special made carts to hold the pole and keepit steady. they were adjusted so the camera entered the middle of the s uare window and not touch the sides. we were unsure what would happen if they touched. maybe a collapse of the whole thing and it would wink out of extestinse and cut the pole and leave the camera on the other side. or it would just disappear leaving the pole and camera to appear suddenly on this side. we didn’t take the chance. i started the camera as jim started to push the pole that was attached to the carts into the black window. i watched the monitor. it started off like before, the blackness, the grey fog, then the white cloud. jim continued to push the pole until the first cart got within a foot of the window. an assistant removed the cart slowly and for some reason the pole stayed in place. it was permittly fixed to the middle of the s uare. we were amazed. jim continued to push and i watched the screen. the black shape appeared again, but this time it


A large explosion shook the walls and rained plaster down on Monica’s head. The left side of the lab started the drop as if the floor below it gave way. Monica knew she needed to move. She grabbed the typewriter with her hand and with adrenaline suddenly sweeping through her body, she carried it through the fallen ceiling. She headed toward an eve under a set of stairs. It had remained almost intact. Before she ducked underneath, she turned to see the lab starting to slowly descend toward the sinkhole that threatens to swallow one half of the lab. Time was running short and her hope of getting this done was starting to falter.
Monica tried to sit the typewriter carefully on the floor but banged the side, breaking off the right knob to turn the roller, breaking it enough that it couldn’t be used. Luckily, the left side was still intact and that happened to be her good hand. That nearly brought a laugh. Her good hand, she thought. It didn’t use to be.
Before she sat down under the eve of the stairs to finish her story, she noticed she had left the extra paper. She cursed loudly and headed back to get a few sheets stumbling over pieces of ceiling causing her to put down her hand to stop her from falling. By doing so, she cut her palm. She grabbed a few sheets of paper and ran back for the eve as another shockwave brought down even more ceiling.      As Monica put another sheet in the typewriter, laboring the knob and leaving blood on it, a large part of the ceiling gave way and crashed down at where she had been sitting at the desk. She looked horrified and put her bloody hand up as pieces of plaster and metal showered the area. It rose dust into the air making her cough uncontrollably for a few seconds. When the air had cleared enough to see, she saw the desk and chair see had been sitting was somewhere under the rubble. She knew if she had stayed, she would be dead and the story of what happened would be dead with her. She turned back to the typewriter to continue the confession but stopped again as she had left blood smeared on the sheet she had fed into it. She yanked it free and fed another sheet in trying to be careful to not smear blood on this one. She got it in leaving blood only on a corner. It would have to do. She didn’t know if the ceiling would completely give way and crush her or leave her no exit and she would die from either asphyxiation or starvation.
Monica typed as quickly as she could with her bloody hand.


                stopped in front of the camera and we got a good look at it. it was large and winged with a very short black snout and teeth too many to count. it looked like a black flying dog like a bulldog. its eyes were black and the only thing of color was the white teeth. the dog thing just hovered in front of the camera and stared. we were all shocked to see it, jim cursing in surprise. i wondered if the camera was just a few feet off the ground there like it was on this side or if the black window opened up in the sky on that side. we never found out. the dog thing just stared and when we thought it wasn’t going to do anything. it flew away but it came back just a few seconds later and brought more of them. they stopped to look at the camera as the first one did, then two flew straight at the camera and the screen went black. the extension pole started to wiggle violently in jims hands and suddenly it was yanked free and pulled into the black window pulling the cords with it until they broke free of the monitors. i didn’t hear jim scream in pain when all of this happened. the pole was pulled so quickly and jim held on so tightly that when the pole got pulled it tore skin from his palm and fingers. he fell to the ground looking at his hands. but we didn’t have time to see to him, the only things we saw was large blak paws reaching though the black window and bending and breaking the metal suports that held it. it was becoming wider and before i could make my legs move, a dog thing with its black eyes and black mouth and white teeth were gnashing towards me as the head made a hollow pop into our world. and a second later the first dog thing entered our world and fell on jim and bit his head off from the shoulders.


Another crash came from the lab and Monica looked up to see one of the dog things come down from somewhere near the ceiling. She wasn’t sure if it was looking for more prey or it had heard the clacking of her typing. She figured it was probably both. She had stopped and slowly and quietly, moved toward the bottom of the eve and made herself as small as possible. She was then out of sight of the dog thing but she could still hear the sound of its wings flapping at a high rate of speed, like a hummingbird.
Monica wanted to close her eyes but she knew that would do no good. So, she kept them open, almost to the point of not blinking and waited for it to come into her field of vision. She heard it hover and move slowly over the floor of debris, bringing dust back into the air. Some over it drifted under the eve. Suddenly, Monica had to sneeze. She brought her bloody hand up to her nose and held it tight, nearly breaking it. A sneeze would bring it in a hurry and it would eat her with those teeth. She could not bear the thought of it. The sneeze died in her nose. But she still held her nose, afraid that it might come back. The dust still hung in the air.
The dog thing came within a few feet of the eve. Monica knew this from the cloud of dust that suddenly bellowed into her hiding space. But if the dog thing looked in her direction, she never knew. She didn’t see it from the dust. And that made her happy. If she couldn’t see it, it couldn’t see her.
After a few minutes, the dog thing hovered back to the middle of the room and propelled itself upward. Monica continued to listen for it for nearly twenty minutes. During that time she only heard cracking and shifting of the building. And from somewhere, the sound of water running from a burst pipe. But no hummingbird sounding dog thing.
She finally moved and slowly peeked her head out from under the eve. She didn’t see it. It must have flown out through the hole that had appeared when the last large piece of ceiling fell. She could see stars through that hole, nearly a hundred feet up, through what was once floors of the building. She felt a drop of blood run from her nose and hit the dust floor. She touched her nostrils and her fingers came back bloody. She had pinched her nose too tight. For some reason, maybe the stress of it all, she chuckled. Why this was funny, she didn’t know. She wiped her nose again.
Monica thought about running for it, leaving the typewriter, heading up the stairs above her and making her way out of the building if she could. Maybe there were people alive out there. But after what had transpired, just an hour before, made her think that might be too hopeful.
She held her breath and then climbed back under the eve. She had to finish her story. Just in case, the world had to know.
Monica begins to type again. In her heart, she willed the dog things to be far away or become deaf.


                more of the black dog things started to squeeze out of the black window and fly around the lab picking up my assistants at will, biting th heads or arms or legs from some or took a few minutes and just devouring them in a few large bites. i was so scared i didn’t see anybody as i ran for the hallway that took me to the living areas and for our bedrooms. i was hit a couple of times from the flying dog things that caused me to fall to the ground. my mind told me not to but i turned to look into the lab. a few bodies moved around on the floor with great pieces missing from them. i thought it had to be impossible. but thinking back as i type this, it was very possible. plus, there was no blood. that should have told me something but i was too scared. i saw jim looking at me trying to stand. he was white faced with the same fear I had. he seemd untouched by the dog things but before he could take a step toward me, one of them flew down between us and suddenly flew at jim at a unbelievable speed and jim was gone. the dog thing had opened its mouth to what must have been an unimaginable size and ate jim whole. i wanted to scream and i wanted to run but my legs had stopped working. because of that, i saw something that made me forget about the dog things for a few seconds. the black window still had dog things s ueezing through, stretching it, pushing the  broken frame that it had been in away, the pieces finally falling to the ground allowing the black window to be free of any hindrance. as i watched, it grew larger and larger like it was taking a deep breath though more and more dog things appeared out of it. the lab was filling up with them and i couldn’t believe they hadn’t seen me. then all of the dog things that had been eating the bodies of my lab mates that were left while others hovered around the room like angry bees, they all stopped. the ones eating and hovering, they turned toward the black window and seemed to be waiting. they either heard something  I couldn’t or they just knew. the black window had started to balloon outward. the blackness had turned into what looked like a bubble. like some blackhole was beginning to bubble outward. that was when i started to turn to run. i knew something bad was about to happen but before  icould the black window popped. well, popped isn’t the right word. it expanded outward toward the ceiling in a sudden rapid movement. it didn’t move any of the dog things. they just watched. as it suddenly rose upward in an expanding force, it enveloped the lab and cracked the walls and headed upward causing the upper floors to disintegrate until it had cleared a hole through the roof and out into the night sky. pieces of the building started to fall into the lab with heavy thuds. the black dog things just moved around them with no problems. a large swarm of them headed upward and out through the hole into the night. i watched the whole event happen transfixed, i couldn’t move. as more pieces fell and more dog things flew away, i finally got a hold of myself. i needed to run and warn somebody, to call someone. i didn’t know who but I had to try. i finally turned to go down the hall and away from the destruction when I heard something next to me. i first noticed a deep rumble that shook the air around me and then my fillings in my teeth. i turned and was looking face to face with a dog thing. they really did look like bulldogs but now i was looking into the face of one just a couple of feet away. their eyes were pupil less. just black marbles that had no reflection at all. again, i couldn’t move. fear had gripped me. i looked at it and it looked at me. it still rumbled, like a chesty growl but didn’t show any aggresion towards me. i had an idea then. i rose my hand to touch its nose. it sniffed it for a second just like the dog it looked like. i hovered just a half inch from its skin. it had looked like very short fur but now i could see it was just skin, like black latex. as the destruction occurred around us, we seemed to be in some sort of calm bubble. it wasn’t scared of me and I wasn’t of it. i touched the skin and felt the smoothness of it. the dog thing closed its eyes as if it enjoyed it and felt pleasure. then our bubble popped when another dog things came down, pushing the one i was touching out of the way. my hand was still held out and the other dog thing put my hand in its mouth and severed it clean from my wrist. before i could scream, the two dog things attacked each other and the one i had touched flung me down the hall. i must have flew halfway down and skidded to a halt where the hallway came to the t. i slammed into the wall, my head taking the brunt of it. i felt like i was going to pass out. before i did i saw the two dog things fighting each other and then i looked at my wounded hand. but there was no hand. and there was no wound. the stump looked as if i had had it for years, skin covering what should have been a mass of white bone, veins and arteries, and a whole lot of blood. it was as if the hand never existed. erased from existence. i slowly crawled down the hall to my left side to where my room was to the sound of destruction and the two dog things fighting. my head swam and my eyesight started to darken as i tried to reach up with my right hand for getting it wasn’t there. i wanted to scream then, not from fear but frustration but didn’t. i reached up with my left hand and turned the knob and pushing past the door and into my room. it seemed I was just able to close the door when i finally allowed myself to pass out.


Monica had heard something over her typing, a tapping. She stopped at once. She had got so focused on what she was doing, her alertness had numbed. But now it was redlining. She slowly peaked out from under the eve and looked around. The rumblings of the destroyed building had nearly ceased except for a creak or two.
She slowly scanned around, only showing as much of her head as possible. She saw nothing moving. She didn’t hear and vibrations of wings from black dog things. They had all eventually followed their brothers (and sisters?) out of the hole in the ceiling. Wherever they had stumbled on in their pursuit to open a hole in another time hadn’t gone as hoped.
No. Not by a long shot. They had not discovered time travel. They had ripped a hole into another dimension or universe.
Or worse.
Maybe it was hell itself.
The tapping came again. Now she could tell it was coming from off to her right, somewhere down the hall she got flung after her encounter with the dog thing. She wanted to finish her story (or was it a confession?) but she had to go find out what the noise was. She couldn’t be sure if the continuing sound of the typewriter would bring whatever it was into the lab and upon her.
Or maybe somebody else survived. She had thought that the dog things had eaten everyone other than her. But could she be sure? No. In the chaos and destruction, someone could have found their way to a place of safety. It was possible. She had to find out, no matter what.
Monica pulled herself out of the eve and slowly looked around again. She had been sure she was alone earlier but now caution had gripped her again. She was so damn tired now.
She slowly made her way through the rumble again and stepped as lightly as she could, not only searching the surrounding area but up above. Maybe one of the dog things was perched up there on the rim of what was once the roof of the building waiting for some last-minute meal before it joined up with the rest of them to spread their destruction.
Monica made it to the hall with no problems and flung herself down the hall. But she stopped. She couldn’t hear the tapping. She waited. She slowly walked down to the t-section where she had come to a stop on her slide down the hall. If she didn’t hear it again in the next few…
Tap, tap, tap.
She turned her head towards the sound. It was coming from the direction of the stairwell at the end of the hall where her room was. She crossed the space on her tiptoes until she came to the door that opened into the stairwell. She looked through the small rectangle glass window in the door. When she looked down into the darkened stairwell, see didn’t see anything. But she had the overwhelming feeling she was being watched. Fear crept all over her body suddenly causing gooseflesh.
Then a light above flickered due to some sort of built-up charge in the fluorescent lights or a power surge from the dying power and it illuminated the dark passage like a camera flash. In that split second, she saw the face of a dog thing with its teeth bared just a couple of feet from the glass pane. Monica brought her head back in fear just as a huge clawed paw came crashing through the glass. In the glass was crisscross wire to keep it from shattering and it bit into the black paw causing a gush of black blood. It sprayed into the hall and all over Monica, dripping down her face and getting into her eyes and mouth as she tried to scream.
It screamed for her. She hadn’t heard any of them making any noise other than growls. The sound that came from its mouth nearly deafened her. Her hands went to her ears as the piercing alarm from its mouth echoed in the hall. Then it banged against the door. It gave slightly.
Adrenaline and her fight or flight instinct took control and she turned and threw herself back down the hall. She didn’t know if that door wouldn’t hold for long and she had to finish her confession and last statement. She had to wipe her eyes so she could make the turn back into the lab. Her eyes were caked with it but at least it didn’t burn. She figured the blood would blind and poison her. But so far, it didn’t seem to have any reaction other than the stickiness, which was bad enough.
She spits its blood unto the floor as she ran. It tasted of salt and something fishy. Before she crawled back under the eve of the stairs and her broken typewriter, she stopped and spit until she couldn’t spit anymore. If it was poisonous, she knew she had had it. She stuck her finger down her throat and vomited. Once she got under control, she wiped her mouth with the bottom of her blouse with her hand and started to crawl under again but stopped.
I could just get the hell out of here, she thought. Screw this last message bullshit. I could just find my way to ground level and get as far away as possible. Maybe find somebody to help me.
She hesitated and almost turned to do just that. But she knew she couldn’t. She had to finish. Monica crawled back under the eve. She adjusted the typewriter as she listened to the banging of the dog thing trying to get through the closed door. She had a feeling that the door wouldn’t hold more than 10. She had to hurry.


i seriously have to hurry now. i woke up in my room. my head hurt and my hand was gone. erased. i stared at it and tried to remember what having it felt like. i couldn’t. i finally got up and looked around though my head was doubling in vision. it finally subsided and i made my way into the lab. no one was left alive here. i’m not sure if people are alive outside but i’m going to find out. one of the dog things is still here and trying to make its way to me, to erase me from existence. if you’re reading this, i’m sorry. we had no idea what we were doing. we thought we were going to open a window to a certain time and place in the past. instead, we opened a window into hell. please forgive me.

monica hisakawa


She heard a bang and a crash. Monica figured the door had given way and it was coming for her. She ripped the sheet out of the typewriter and put it with the others. She opened her blouse and stuffed them inside. She crept out from under the eve and held her handless arm against her chest to keep the typed papers from falling out. She looked toward the entrance of the hall. She didn’t see the dog thing but knew it was coming. She prayed that the stairs she had been writing under led to a clear way out.
She took a deep breath and heaved herself up and around the rail and up the steps as the dog thing entered the lab. Its head turned to see her and dashed her way. Within seconds, it would be on her. As her hand grasped the door handle, she wondered if it would hurt when it caught up to her when the door doesn’t open. The hand didn’t hurt when the dog thing bit it off but what about her head?
Monica pulled the door handle and it came open smoothly. She shoved herself through and pulled the door shut just as the dog thing banged against it headfirst. It caused the metal door to dent inward, so much so, that the door would probably never open again. She looked at it as the dog thing beat against from the other side. It rattled but it didn’t budge. But she didn’t wait around to find out if it would hold or not. Clutching her chest, she ran up the stairs as quickly and as quietly as possible. As she went up, she noticed the stairwell seemed to be untouched. There was no debris and no people. And thankful, no sign the dog things had been here.
She passed the numbers on the wall at each floor. The lab had been on Sub4. She had just passed Sub1 and was coming to the ground level. She stopped there, catching her breath and readjusting her papers. She tucked her blouse into her black slacks so the papers wouldn’t fall out and she could use her handless arm somewhat. She put her still bleeding hand on the door handle. This one she had to pull open from the inside so if there was one of the monsters just beyond, she wouldn’t be able to keep the door shut. It would get her and that would be it. The sound of the dog thing beating against the door was echoing from below.
Monica gripped the handle, held her breath, and opened the door slowly. She peeked out into a short hallway that led to the building’s lobby. There was nothing. She looked around as much as she could through the crack. Her heart was beating very hard. She opened the door and came through quickly. She let the door close on its tension spring, leaving the banging of the dog thing below behind her. Monica put herself against the wall of the hallway and slid toward the end. The further down, the more of the lobby she saw. It wasn’t the lobby she remembered. It had been destroyed. The glass windows that went from floor to ceiling were completely blown out toward the parking lot. The furniture, the potted plants, and even the main security desk were blown out, most of it landing on cars, some of them with their alarms going off.
Other than the car alarms, it was quiet, all except her own beating heart in her ears.
She took another deep breath and breathed it out slow. She closed her eyes, said a quick prayer, and moved toward the blown-out windows and toward the parking lot. She wanted to make it to the tree line and into the woods. She felt like she might be safer there.
Her heart skipped a beat as she accidentally kicked broken glass. Each time, they would skid across the titled floor, hitting something else. But nothing came for her. She made it to the open windows and out onto the sidewalk.
Monica looked both ways and even up toward the black sky. She saw no movement at all. Of course, she thought, if one of those things were flying above her somewhere, she wouldn’t see it. It was still dark and they would only blot out far away stars. But she wouldn’t notice that.
So, she ran through the parking lot, dodging pieces of furniture and flipped over cars (and trying to stay away from the cars with their alarms going off) and made it to the woods. Monica turned to look back at the building. Her eyes went wide. It had been nearly destroyed above ground. The lobby area seemed to be all that was left. She could see parts of the building in every direction she was capable of. It struck her then that the black window exited upward, it had got larger as it went, causing the damage to the building.
But if it continued to get larger as it went upward…
She looked up again. The stars. The stars she had seen when she had been in the lab when the black window had blown through the levels above and out through the roof.
Now they were gone.
Monica ran through the woods. Brambles and bushes scraped at her, catching her blouse and pants as she ran. Her bare ankles were bloody from the scraps. She tripped twice, nearly falling both times and once almost losing a shoe. But she kept running.
She finally found herself to a clearing that ended at the base of a hill. She never stopped. She started to run up the hill, her breath laboring. She had become lightheaded but still, she didn’t stop until she reached the top.
This was a place she had been a few times. It had looked over the city. At night it was beautiful. The lights would twinkle in the summer heat haze. She had even been here on a couple of dates. She just wanted to see if they would respect and love the view as she had. They hadn’t.
But tonight, there was nothing to respect or love about the view. With her heart beating hard she looked out over the city. There were no lights, no haze that she could see. Only darkness. But she could hear sounds, even over the few miles of distance. Car alarms, crashing, destruction, and screams.
There were a lot of screams.
Tears fell from her eyes. She looked on in despair, her mouth falling open. A scream wanted to come but it never did. In the far distance, she could see a black line, going further and further away, covering the stars as it went. It was the edge of the black square. She looked to the left and the right and saw the same thing. The black window continued on and on. It was going to completely cover the world until its ends meet, leaving the earth in total darkness, and encasing it in a black bubble.
The screams started to abate, little by little. She knew the dog things were there in the city, getting their fill if they could be filled. Maybe they were as void and endless as the black window.

Another sound came to her then. She looked up and the sky the black window left seemed to be moving. The sound was a rumble. More of a growl.
It hit her then and she slowly closed her mouth. More dog things were coming. Millions of them. So many that they must be blotting out the darkness of the black window. She only caught little glimpses of white as they snarled and showed their teeth.
Her tears stopped. It wouldn’t do any good. She slowly reached down with her one good hand and pulled her blouse from her pants, leaving a bloody mark and letting the typed pages fall to the ground. There they stayed. Nobody was going to read them. Not even her.
Monica Hisakawa didn’t see when a breeze from behind her took the pages across the top of the hill. She slowly sat down in the grass and watched the city beyond becoming enveloped in moving darkness. And she didn’t see the eradication of its populace. Or the world’s populace eradication.
And Monica Hisakawa didn’t notice the dog thing that landed behind her with its mouth open and its white teeth grinning.
No. She only closed her eyes and wished that she had never opened the window.


The End

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