This will be the third of seven Watershed Moments in my life. These are some of the most important moments in my life but not all of them. And they are not in any particular order except for the last one I talk about that will be posted on Sunday. After thinking about these moments for years, the one for Sunday is the one I keep coming to for being the most pivotal moment in how I became….well, me.

Now, do you hear that rumble and growling? It’s a car. It’s Christine…


I had seen the movie a year before I read the book.

I was with my mother and father on a trip to visit my grandparents (my father’s mom and dad) in Crossville, TN. On our way home, we stopped in downtown Crossville for one reason or another and I happen to see a used bookstore. Being the book nerd that I am, I wanted to go in. As I perused the shelves and tables of the used books, I spotted a first edition of Christine. The cover drew me to it and I picked it up to feel the weight. I had read novelizations of movies but those are books written from the movies. This would be my first where the book came first.

The book has five dollars but that was all I had. I ran out to my dad for a bit more change for the tax. With some begging and pleading and promising he can take it out of my next allowance (and some coaxing from my mom who was also a book nerd), he handed over a couple of quarters and I bought my first ever book written by Stephen King.

That moment started me with a love affair for all things King related. After that, I stopped using my money for GI Joe’s and got everything he had written until I was caught up.

That book put me on a road of scary stories and made me want to sit and read instead of just watching mindless TV all of the time.

-Loyd Elmore Jr.
November 7th, 2018

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