This will be the second of seven Watershed Moments in my life. These are some of the most important moments in my life but not all of them. And they are not in any particular order except for the last one I talk about that will be posted on Sunday. After thinking about these moments for years, the one for Sunday is the one I keep coming to for being the most pivotal moment in how I became….well, me.

Now, onto Raiders of the Lost Ark.


This movie and this fictional character became a HUGE influence on my life. One of the biggest.

Next to my father, Henry Jones Jr, or as his friends call him Indiana or Indy, he was the guy I wanted to be. Smart, lucky, roughly handsome, adventurous, dashing, funny, trustworthy, he embodied the person I wanted others to see ME as. This is the guy you wanted as a friend if you couldn’t be him.

When I saw this movie, it changed how I saw other movies. It changed the direction I was going. When I saw this movie, I wanted to learn all I could about all subjects. I wanted to absorb knowledge. I wanted to retain every detail in the things I was interested in.

As time went on, Indy and his father became intertwined with me and my father. My father was Indy AND his father. And I was Indy. I wanted to be my father and myself at the same time.

Even to this day (and to the day I die), Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark will be more than a fictional character and a film. They will be a tuning fork, my divining rods on how to live my life.

-Loyd Elmore Jr.
November 6th, 2018

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