The following and all of the other episodes to come are snapshots of what goes on in my head, now and in the past. There are times none of this will make sense. There will be times when I might get lucky and the blog I post will be well constructed and will flow like a mountain stream to an awaiting lake below. Other times it will seem like the ramblings of a madman and you’ll ask yourself, “What the……?”
You should probably get use to the latter.

EPISODE FORTY ONE:  Mirror, Mirror On…You

Whitney and kids in the Fun House mirrors.

This post came about by thinking about something I said in the previous blog post.


What’s one of the first things you do when you wake up in the morning? You look in the mirror. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, checking eyebrows, shaving, popping a zit, a world of various things that you use a mirror for in the morning. And at night, maybe you’re going out on a date, you check the mirror to see how you look.

We use mirrors a few times a day. We look into our own eyes each time. We sometimes do it proudly, with shame or just a passing glance.

Think about all of the places we see mirrors. They’re in cars and on cars. They are in dressing rooms at your favorite clothing store. They are in the restrooms of our favorite restaurants. They are in other people…


Yep. Every person you see is a mirror. There are times you might not see a wisp of your image but you might see a blurred image or you might see yourself so clear, it’s scary. We’re afraid to look hard into those mirrors. We see these other people acting ugly and mean toward others and if we take a little time to look, we see ourselves.

I’ll put myself on trial here as an example.

I was raised in a Southern household in the seventies and the eighties. My parents were raised a certain way and I followed by example. But sometimes our examples aren’t correct. I was taught that being gay was wrong. And I believed that. Most of the kids I knew were taught to believe the same thing. It didn’t matter what color you were, as a child, it was a Universal fact at that time.
We thought, anyway.

As I got older, I did (believe it or not) become wiser. I learned that it wasn’t wrong. And it’s not. As it says in a certain famous book around these here parts.
“Judge not, that you be not judged.”
Whether you believe in the bible or not, that’s a pretty good saying.
And I learned this.

I was also taught to be wary of those not like me. Whether it was different races or religion or nationalities.
And I learned that is wrong, too.

I learned to judge people by one thing and one thing only.
By their works.

And by saying that, I mean how they treat others. My heart became open and if you treat me with respect, I shall do the same to you. If you give me love, I’ll give you love right back. It’s as simple as that. If more people did that, we would be living in a much better world.

Now, back to the mirrors.

When you look into one, you want to see good things. You want to be happy with what you see. When you look at other people, it’s the same thing. But when the other person is doing bad things, things that make you upset, you might possibly see those things in yourself. The best thing to do is recognize those things and change them. Then you will see less of a bad reflection when you see those people. They will not look like you.

When people are doing good, you want to see your reflection in them clearly.

It comes down to being a mirror image of those that are being good people of the Earth and no reflection of yourself in those that are bad, mean and evil.

I sometimes see those reflections, though. I get angry at times behind the wheel of my car. I have yelled at other drivers for not using a turn signal when it affects me or cutting in front of me or just not paying attention while they’re driving due to screwing around on their stupid phone.
(calm down……)
I have seen others do the exact same thing and before I ask out loud what their problem is, I see that reflection of myself. Then I don’t say it.
And I cuss out the person they were complaining about.
That’s a joke. But a true joke.

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house, think about what kind of person you want to be that day.
And try to look for the positive reflections in your life. And be positive yourself.

And while you’re driving. Try really hard.

-Loyd Elmore
Oct. 25th 2016


I’ve decided to keep a blog about how I’m dealing with depression. I’m going to consider this a form of therapy. It might not help anybody else but it might help me.




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