The following and all of the other episodes to come are snapshots of what goes on in my head, now and in the past. There are times none of this will make sense. There will be times when I might get lucky and the blog I post will be well constructed and will flow like a mountain stream to an awaiting lake below. Other times it will seem like the ramblings of a madman and you’ll ask yourself, “What the……?”
You should probably get use to the latter.

EPISODE TWENTY SEVEN:  Tapping Abilities.

Episode 27 tapping abilities


As a kid, my neighborhood was my world. I read, watched TV, went to movies and imagined the world outside of it but when things happened in my own little slice of the planet, it was a big deal.
Once, I remember seeing a skunk during the day and how people and kids came out of their houses to see this black and white stink machine. The adults wondered if it had rabies and the kids were amazed and grossed out to see one in the flesh. It walked through a few yards and into the woods to never be seen again.
Then there was the time somebody’s pet boa constrictor got away and ended up underneath our next door neighbors car. I walked over with my dad to see it. I ducked my head down to look under the car and saw the biggest snake ever.
But the biggest thing I ever saw at that time was the time one of the older kids in my neighborhood rode a wheelie all the way around the block, twice. I can’t remember his name but I remember his blue 10-speed and how he would spin the front wheel around as it was up in the air as he passed by. I got on my bike and followed him around and know for a fact (along with five or six other kids) that he rode his bike doing a wheelie twice around the block.

Since then, I have seen bigger, most amazing things that people have done but that was the first. Human beings are capable of doing such wonderful, life changing things.

This is just my opinion, it started with fire. I’m not saying we invited fire. It was probably a lightning strike onto something flammable but we recognized it as a tool. Fire was way beyond rocks and sticks at that point.
After that we created the wheel. And as time went on, our minds developed into more curious animals, creating more stuff to make life easier. Then we started to explore to see what was out there. Our eyes looked into the sky and wondered how to get there. In the following centuries, we DID get there….and beyond. Soon we will be going to a different planet. Not just something mechanical but a living, breathing human being. And we’ll be sent there with the help of circuit boards, microchips and wires that we created.

What we have made with our own hands in the past two hundred years is mind-blowing when you sit back and think about it. And as we create, the faster new things are getting thought up and created. Faster and faster.
The human mind and people’s creativity is nearly…… God like.


But with the wonderful, amazing things we have created, we have also created more ways to hurt each other, to kill each other. We have also developed a sense that human life isn’t worth much and it’s easier to take.

It saddens me and makes me physically ill to sit in my living room as the cool air blows and the TV on the wall shows me in high-definition  visuals of the world that we have become. People walking home from their jobs getting shot for no reason other than they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Children getting shot coming home from school, getting kidnapped, getting raped, their childhood and/or life gone in a blink of an eye. Human life became no more important than a used tissue being thrown in the garbage.

I’m not taking a stand on guns. Guns don’t kill people, humans do. It’s like pit bulls. Some were taught to be vicious by idiotic owners. Let’s not crucify the animal or the gun. It’s the human hands behind it.

I see these things happening around me, not just on TV but the very place I live. My ex-next door neighbor was arrested for physically abusing her child. The same woman who kept her cute white pit bull outside in seventeen degree weather. So cold that it cried in pain. I’ve never heard an animal make such a noise.
It’s bad enough to do it to a pet…but a child??? Your? Own? Child? I can’t even begin to understand and I never, ever will.

Seeing or hearing about these things bothers me to no end.  It makes my heart hurt.

Are there people in this world who do bad things reachable? Yes. By all means, yes.
Or are there some crimes that are unforgivable? My opinion…..yes.
There are some people who do such horrific things that they need no time spent on them and they need to be done away with. Be upset with my opinion, if you must. But some crimes (the torture, rape and murder of children for example) can NOT be forgiven.

Let me get back on subject. As human beings, we have abilities that allow us to create wonderful, amazing things. We create things that make our lives easier and allow us to live longer, more fulfilled lives. We learned to dream about something unmade, made the tools to make a unmade thing and then MADE THE THING! We learned to sail across the ocean to a new world and figured out to sail across space to a new world.
We are wonderful, amazing creators.

And scary, inhuman monsters.

It all comes down the choice, doesn’t it. We can choose to be creators, to make lives better. We choose to give a heartfelt word to someone, to show compassion, to show love. Why do some people choose to bully, abuse, hurt or destroy others because of who they are, because they were just…there? Why do some people take things from those that they could get on their own?

My opinion, those people lack creativeness. They can’t make their life better without taking from someone else, or…take someone else’s life. Of course, that’s a rouse. It never will make their life better. Only filling their life with love and passion will.

I still think about that kid that rode around my old neighborhood twice doing the wheelie on his ten speed. Even now, I think about how amazing that was and how I wanted to do it myself. Maybe go three times around, be the new King of the Block.
After that day, every kid on the block admired him, they wanted to be like him. He became the cool kid.
I wonder what happened to him. I wonder if he went on to fame and fortune or not. Is he working a forty hour a week job like me, thinking about how that one time he made that long wheelie and wished he had done more?

Even if that’s the life that was given to him, he did do something more. He input that memory into a kids head who wrote about it in a blog almost forty years later.

Think about it. What you may do may be talked about or written about years later. Even the small things.

The abilities you tap into may even change the world. But try to make it from something positive.

-Loyd Elmore
Sept. 5th 2016


I’ve decided to keep a blog about how I’m dealing with depression. I’m going to consider this a form of therapy. It might not help anybody else but it might help me.


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  1. Great entry! One of the reasons I love the internet so hard is that it lets me reach out to good people everywhere. I click the up button (like, ^, heart, et cetera) any time I find someone’s post to be worthy of attention. I get to support the brave troll-fighters and sometimes do battle against trolls, myself.

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